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With LeadExchange™ working for you, you'll have confidence that the leads that your web site produces are only from interested consumers.  Below you'll find a sample Life Insurance lead.  All consumers are required to fill out a standardized questionnaire in order to be considered a valid lead.  To return, please click here

Do You Really Need Life Insurance?

If there is someone who would suffer economic hardship if you died, then the answer is yes... you need life insurance!   Whatsmore, some forms of life insurance can do more than simply cover your family, they can provide woderful retirement options as well!

Instructions:  Please fill in this form as completely as possible in order to ensure that your quote will be as accurate as possible.

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How much insurance
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How long do you want
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Purpose of insurance:


Amount of insurance
in force now:


How much are you currently
paying per year?


When did you last
apply for insurance?


To which companies?
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What was the outcome?


Please indicate tobacco use:


Please describe your
particular health problems:
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Would you like an additional quote for any of the following insurance products?

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 Group Health Insurance
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