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Lead Exchange FAQ

What is LeadExchange™?

Using our exclusive technology, we’ll automatically exchange leads you can’t use for leads you can! Would you like to see LeadExchange™ in action right now?

So how does it work?

Simple, when a consumer visits a LeadExchange™ enabled web site and decides to ask for a quote, a small dialog box will pop up in their browser window.

Scenario 1
The consumer’s response does not match your user profile (i.e. the product that the consumer wants is not one you sell or the consumer is requesting a quote outside of your licensed area).
The next page that the consumer will see is a LeadExchange™ quote form for whatever product THEY are interested in! Once the consumer fills that form out, your account is immediately credited for the lead! Use credits immediately to exchange for leads that you ARE interested in..

Scenario 2
If the consumers response matches your user profile (i.e. the product that the consumer wants a quote for is a product that you sell, as well as being in a geographic area that you service).
The next page that the consumer will see is YOUR quote request form…The consumer doesn’t notice anything different, and suddenly your web site generates only leads that you want!

How do I get started using LeadExchange™?

Starting with LeadExchange™ is a simple process.

  • Sign Up: First sign up as a member, you will then be provided a log-in and password that you can use to access your account page.
  • Get Enabled: From here, get your website LeadExchange™ enabled! LeadExchange™ is our automatic system that allows you to trade leads you can’t use for leads that you can!
  • Start Trading! Our automated system will recommend leads to you (based on your profile, and how many credits you have with the system). You can also visit the TradingRoom Floor to buy and sell large blocks of leads on a wholesale basis!

Who can use LeadExchange™?

Anyone can use LeadExchange™, whether you have a web site or not! If you want an automatic way to trade leads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, enable your web site with the LeadExchange™ code and then sit back and let the power of the web start working for you! If you don’t have a web site you can still trade leads through our manual lead entry pages

Why should I use LeadExchange™?

When you sign up for LeadExchange™ there’s currently three ways we can help you with your business lead needs.

  • Trade Leads Automatically: If you have a web site, sign up for LeadExchange™ and trade leads automatically with thousands of agents and brokers from across the United States.
  • Trade Leads Manually: If you don’t have a web site, but would like to trade leads anyway, use manual lead entry to get credits for trade in the LeadExchange™ system.
  • Buy / Sell Leads: If you have a block of leads that you’d like to buy, or a block of leads that you’d like to sell, visit the TradingRoom Floor. Our online auction allows you to bid or sell blocks of leads, nationally.

What if my product or licensing (geographics) change?

You are always able to modify your user information to change product or geographic criteria. From the MY ACCOUNT page, click on VIEW USER INFO ,where your current user information is displayed. Click on the MODIFY ACCOUNT INFORMATION button, found at the bottom of the page. Modify the items needed, then click the submit button at the bottom of the page. Your changes are instantly accomplished. Please be complete and accurate with each item on the form. Pay close attention to the specific products within your industry that you actively market. Keep in mind, these specifications will tell our databases which type(s) of leads to offer you in exchange. Note – No other changes are necessary regarding the LeadExchange™ code contained by your website.

How do I know LeadExchange™ is not taking leads that I want?

The only leads that will go to LeadExchange™ are those that you have specified you do not want; based on YOUR User information submitted when signing up for LeadExchange™ You are also able to change your criteria anytime to adjust for new licensing, opening of a branch office or a new product line. Its all done at the MODIFY ACCOUNT INFORMATION section. Also, LeadExchange™ is a subsidiary of, Inc., Inc. has been in business since 1996 and has hundreds of clients nationwide. Our goal is to build long term relationships with our users.

What is the purpose of the “My Account” Page?

Your Account page is your personalized, up to the minute status for all your LeadExchange™ activity. Use it to keep track of how many leads you have submitted and to choose leads to obtain in exchange. A detailed account of all leads received is provided; along with the amount credited to you per lead. Review your account page frequently as it is updated on a continuous basis.

What is Manual Lead Entry?

Manual lead entry is the manually keying of leads received by you on the appropriate manual lead form at LeadExchange™

Example: Your web site receives one or two leads per month you can not use.

With Manual lead entry, simply key the required items onto the correct form at LeadExchange™. Upon submission, your account is credited. Please note – With the LeadExchange™ code on your web site this process is totally automated!

How do I use Manual Lead Entry?

Using Manual lead entry is simple and immediate. As soon as you have initiated an account, LeadExchange™ will activate it within one business day. After activation, you can begin using Manual lead entry. From MY ACCOUNT, Click on POST YOUR LEADS NOW. Select the correct product type from the pull down menu. The corresponding form appears and awaits your entry of the pertinent information. Click the SEND REQUEST button and, you immediately receive credit for this lead. Your account is available to receive leads using existing account credits 30 days after activation, and, when necessary credits have been earned.

What is a credit?

LeadExchange™ uses a credit system to pay / trade for leads that are generated by either web or manual lead entry.

Why does the amount LeadExchange™ pays / trades for a lead change?

LeadExchange™ must periodically adjust the unit prices credited to you for certain products. At times based on market conditions, and due to the free nature of LeadExchange™ we can experience either shortages or surpluses of certain types of leads. These conditions can require us to either increase or decrease what a lead is worth based on current market conditions. To view the latest exchange matrix, click here

How do I know how much certain types of leads are worth today or what types of leads are not being accepted?

LeadExchange™ does not intend to adjust pricing except under extreme circumstances. For an up-to-date credit schedule view the latest exchange matrix, click here

When do I get credit for leads that my web site has submitted?

You are credited for leads you submit within one day of submission.

What if some of the leads that my web site generates are sub-standard?

LeadExchange™ realizes that some leads provided will not meet minimum standard. Reasons for replacement include invalid phone numbers, or fictitious persons. LeadExchange™ allows replacement credit for those types of leads.

How do I replace, or get a credit for a sub-standard lead?

If you receive a lead meeting the replacement criteria, please log on to (URL) to enter and receive credit for replacement leads. Our database will automatically credit your account. This credit will be shown on “My account page”. Please allow up to 5 days for this credit to appear