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What is LeadExchange

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What is LeadExchange™?

Using our exclusive technology, we’ll automatically exchange leads you can’t use for leads you can! So how does it work? Simple, when a consumer visits a LeadExchange™ enabled web site and decides to ask for a quote, the following small dialog box will pop up in their browser window.

Once the consumer provides the above information and hits Get Your Quote, the LeadExchange™ database compares your criteria to what the consumer has submitted.

Scenario 1: Consumer’s response does not match your user profile (i.e. the product that the consumer wants is not one you sell or the consumer is requesting a quote outside of your licensed area).

Since the criteria does not match your business LeadExchange™ steps in. The next page that the consumer will see is a LeadExchange™ quote form for the specific product THEY are interested in! Once the consumer completes the form, your account is immediately credited for contributing the lead. Accumulate, or use credits immediately to exchange for leads that you ARE interested in. Once the form is filled out, the consumer is redirected back to your site, thereby leaving the traffic with you.

Scenario 2: Consumers response matches your user profile
(i.e. the product that the consumer wants a quote for is a product that you sell, as well as being in a geographic area that you service).

The Consumer proceeds to your online quote form as usual…Suddenly your web site generates only leads that you want, saving you time and allowing you to focus on viable prospects. It’s simple, automatic and harnesses the power of the Internet 24 hours a day 7 days a week!
Start by signing up for LeadExchange™ today! Still looking for more information? Try visiting our LeadExchange™ Frequently Asked Questions page.