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TradingRoom Floor FAQ

TradingRoom Floor

Buy / Sell Leads: If you’re a player who needs to buy / sell or trade more than 100 leads per month, become one of our Preferred Traders. Our online auction allows you to bid for, or place for sale, large blocks of Internet generated leads daily. The TradingRoom Floor has it all, from new targeted leads, to inventory closeouts generated by Lead companies and high traffic web sites all over the Internet. What’s more, if you are able to buy in bulk, you’ll qualify for wholesale pricing, saving you substantially over retail, and giving your business the life blood that it needs to thrive! The TradingRoom Floor is open to LeadExchange™ members only. Sign up here Need more information? Visit our TradingRoom Floor FAQ by clicking here

Who qualifies for membership on the TradingRoom Floor?

Since the TradingRoom Floor is a wholesale lead sales environment not all members of LeadExchange™ will qualify for the TradingRoom Floor. Typical requirements for buying leads are 100 lead, state by state blocks. Selling leads also require a 100 lead minimum block requirement

How can I use the TradingRoom Floor to sell my excess leads?

If you regularly obtain large quantities of leads that you wish to exchange

Above you’ll find totals for what LeadExchange™ has in its databases today for trade. The above numbers are produced in real time to see the current number of leads available, refresh your browser or sell, simply fill out the auction profile for the block of leads you wish to sell. This profile is available from the “MY ACCOUNT PAGE”. Once you have completed and submitted the information, LeadExchange™ automatically posts the information on the TradingRoom Floor for potential bidders to review. Once the auction has concluded and a buyer is located, it is up to you to contact the buyer/ seller and arrange delivery. All files must be in Comma or Tab Delimited format.

Please note – Delivery of the particular block of leads must be ready at the time information is submitted to LeadExchange™. Problems with immediate delivery should be reported to LeadExchange™ immediately

How do I use the TradingRoom Floor to buy leads?

If you regularly need to obtain large blocks of leads for your sales activities, simply review the available entries posted on The TradingRoom Floor . Our database publishes live lead counts available by product on the LeadExchange™ home page, and the TradingRoom Floor preview page. This snap shot is live, and continuously updated to give you a quick view of what is available in the system today. When you locate a block of leads you would like to obtain, hit the SUBMIT OFFER ON LEADS button shown on the TradingRoom Floor. At the conclusion of each auction (typically 24 to 36 hours) the winner will be notified by LeadExchange™. Payment by Credit card will be arranged and immediate delivery scheduled via e-mail.

Does LeadExchange™ charge me anything to sell leads through the TradingRoom floor?

LeadExchange™ charges a percentage of the final price as a service charge. This percentage varies by product.
Flash! Due to the Grand Opening of LeadExchange 2.0, we have waived all fee’s for the TradingRoom floor through December 31st, 2000!