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With LeadExchange™ working for you, you'll have confidence that the leads that your web site produces are only from interested consumers.  Below you'll find a sample New Home Loan lead.  All consumers are required to fill out a standardized questionnaire in order to be considered a valid lead.  To return, please click here

New Home (Purchase) Loans
Looking to buy the house of your dreams?  With all of the different financing options that are available to you today, how do you choose what is right for you?  Whether this is your first home, or the new home of your dreams, we can help!  Take a minute to see what you can qualify for today with a new home loan! 

Instructions:  Please fill in this form as completely as possible in order to ensure that your quote will be as accurate as possible.

First we need to know about the type of property the you are looking for

What type of residence will you be selling:

The home I'd like to purchase is:

I currently have the following type of federal loan:

I currently qualify for the following type of federal loan:

Are you interested in a no-document loan?

I would like to find this loan in the next:

Next we need to know about your current mortgage:

What term loan do you want:

Your current mortgage monthly payment:

Current mortgage interest rate:

Do you need any cash back?

How much is your current home  worth:

Your home's original sale price:

How long have you owned your home:

Your current mortgage balance:

Do you have a 2nd home loan?

2nd mortgage balance:

2nd mortgage monthly payment:

2nd mortgage interest rate:

What are you planning to pay for your new home:

How much money do you want to put down on your new home:

Finally we need to know about the consumer

Are you self-employed?

If no, how long have you been with your employer:

What type of loan do you want?

How is your credit?

How much do you gross each month:

How much do you owe each month:

E-mail Address:

Best time for a licensed professional to call?

First Name:

Have you thought of selling your home?

Last Name:

If yes, what is your time frame for selling?

Address Line 1:

Would you like a real estate broker to call you and explain your options?

Address Line 2: (Apt. #, Suite #, etc.)

Would you like an additional quote for any of the following Insurance products?

 Life Insurance
 Annuity (Retirement Vehicle)
 Long Term Care Insurance
 Disability Income Insurance
 Health Insurance
 Group Health Insurance
 Homeowners Insurance
 Auto Insurance



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