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About Us

The Company

LeadExchange™ is a business-to-business Internet exchange platform specializing in Financial Service sales leads generated by member clients. LeadExchange™ operates as a “middleman” by allowing its members to submit Internet leads they have generated but cannot use due to product or licensing limitations. Submitted leads accumulate credits that are used to buy leads that better match each client’s business model. LeadExchange™ also operates the TradingRoom Floor, an online auction environment where large, single blocks are negotiated between buyer and seller.

Company History

LeadExchange™ is a wholly owned subsidiary of, Inc. Established in February 1996, distributes sales leads generated by its internal internet site network to a national client base. As product demand increased, LeadExchange™ emerged. The LeadExchange™ process has been used and refined over the last 4 ½ years; and has proven itself a valuable service to the industry as well.

Business and Competitive Advantage

LeadExchange™ will be a valuable serve to any Financial Service company with large online exposure. It is truly a one of a kind process. LeadExchange™ offers not only valuable time savings, but also recaptures lost marketing dollars tied up in unusable leads. LeadExchange™ is totally free and totally automated. Once the process is set up, it is literally maintenance free.

Industry Growth

Forrester Research predicts exponential growth for the percentage of Financial Services originated using the Internet. As this industry continues its transition to online origination, providers marketing budgets will no doubt increase in direct relation. With the broad coverage afforded by the Internet, marketers will generate larger numbers of unusable leads.


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